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False Accusations (One-shot)

False Accusations // Haehyuk, slight-Kyumin
R | Romance, Humor, Fluff
*I do not own Super Junior, however, the plot is mine.

Hyukjae assumes Donghae doesn’t love him anymore and Sungmin (despite disagreeing) suggests that only an affair could be the solution to his problems. Thus, Donghae is stuck modelling with Kyuhyun for a few days, completely oblivious to the situation he’ll be forced into when he comes back to surprise his lover.

False Accusations.

Donghae wakes up to find affectionate arms clinging onto him like bars and skinny legs wrapped around him for dear life. The other’s breaths are unsteady and lack the grace that it normally has – which gives Donghae the smallest indication his silly boyfriend is more awake than he is.
Hyukjae snuggles onto him harder, grumbling something about Paris that Donghae’s brain can’t take in because the sleepiness he feels won’t disappear. His body feels fuzzy.

“Hyukkie, I’m going numb,” he mumbles through his dizziness.

Hyukjae’s legs reallocate to Donghae’s waist and tighten. “Good.”

Now, normally Donghae would want to know what time it is, but Hyukjae giving him attitude bothers him more than it should. “Is this about Pairs?” he tries so Hyukjae stops constricting his blood flow.

Hyukjae nods in his shoulder, and even if Donghae’s starting to suffocate, he still can’t help finding the blonde absolutely adorable. It almost makes him feel bad for leaving him a few days before the fourth, not that it’s his fault. If Hyukjae should blame anyone, it should be their manager for scheduling his photo shoot at such a bad time.

“Don’t leave,” Hyukjae murmurs on his chest, and that’s just about all he says in the morning. From the moment Donghae guides him into the shower (thinking he’d much rather hear him scream Donghae) up until he’s holding onto Donghae’s back like a monkey, attempting to keep him away from the door.

“Don’t leave me, Hae,” he tries once more, but this time with a palpable pout topped with teary eyes.

“Are you trying to guilt me out of this?” Donghae asks, softly chuckling when all Hyukjae does is nod. “Trust me, the last thing I’d want to do is leave you, baby.” He holds him tighter and Hyukjae thinks from the way he’s getting crushed that it could be plain revenge for earlier.

“Stay,” Hyukjae sighs. “For me, okay?”

“I’ll be back in time for your birthday,” Donghae plants a kiss on his forehead and it causes Hyukjae to squirm in his hold. “I promise.”

Somehow, he manages to get his blonde boyfriend off his torso and seize the last of his luggage without risking any blood. He even gets to sneak in a kiss, despite Hyukjae’s aversion, before heading out the door about to be late for his flight, failing to hear his boyfriend scream profanity directed at him.
- - -

Hyukjae checks through more than three bedrooms as soon as he gets back to his dorm.

By the time he heads for the fourth room, he hears a few low strums of the guitar and knows he isn’t alone. Cursing from not being able to wreck shit up, Hyukjae chooses to march into Sungmin’s room and clean shit up instead. He assumes the other blonde is way too invested into his guitar to notice anyways.

“G’morning Hyuk—uh…” He stops half-way when Hyukjae fetches a vacuum out of nowhere.

Sungmin settles his guitar onto the ground before creeping into the farthest and safest corner of his bed. Hyukjae’s throwing clothes into a basket, piling up food in the middle, and at the same time vacuuming the floor.

Normal people eat their pain out, and generally he’s learned to be accustomed to Hyukjae’s OCD-attitude towards their dorm, but now he’s just pissed off.

“Kyuhyun had to leave too, don’t think you have it so bad!” Sungmin glares, chucking a pair of his lovers’s dirty underwear at the blonde.

Not even fazed, Hyukjae flings the underwear into the laundry basket before locating the dust pan. It tempts him to scream in his pillow, but reasons against it because he’s such an amazing friend. Even if all he wants to do is locate the farthest bedroom away from the other and catch some sleep.

“What did the stupid fishy do this time?” He asks, signalling Hyukjae to come here by patting on his lap.

Hyukjae shuts the vacuum off, pushes the reeking basket aside, and temporarily forgets about the food left in the middle of the room. He drags his feet reluctantly to blonde’s side and collapses his head right on Sungmin’s thighs.

“He forgot to say he loves me, okay?” he whispers.

Sungmin sighs. “And you didn’t stop him?”

“I tried,” Hyukjae admits into the other’s shirt. “But my weight doesn’t affect him in the slightest, and I don’t remember where he hid the handcuffs…”

Sungmin pretends he was in no way grossed out by the information and rubs his back in calming circles. However he stops when Hyukjae turns around so he can see his face, and it hits him.

“So you think he’s falling out of love?!” he says, realization dawning upon him. “Are we seriously talking about the same guy here? The one who uses your face as a background anywhere possible, acts like a greedy 5 year-old brat when you’re with him in a company of three, and never sleeps in his own room unless you’re there? You mean… that guy?”

Hyukjae snorts. “No, we’re talking about the guy who would rather sleep than spend time with me, doesn’t bat a lash when rumors of me with people I hardly ever talk to surface, celebrates crazier at SHINee’s anniversary instead of our own, and he even had the fucking nerve to—”

Sungmin shuts him up by covering his lips. “Are you staring to doubt him?” He chortles. “I mean, your screaming had Kyuhyun and me up all night. Kyu was this close to interrupting you two by attacking Hae with your broom.”

Hyukjae flushes fifty shades of red, and Sungmin is nowhere near apologetic. He slaps his hand off his lips, “Min, someone can have sex with another they don’t love, mind you.”

Sungmin scoffs, legs dangling lazily off his bed. “Love or in love – pick one because you’re describing your relationship in two different ways and it’s pissing me off.” Hyukjae’s confusion forces him to elaborate. “There’s a huge difference, and I don’t want to tell you too much because I bet a million that you’ll get it when you and Hae fix your damn issues.”

The blonde sits up and punches him lightly. He guesses he’ll never find out then, unless… “Min what are you suggesting?”
“Well, you want to know if he gives a fuck, right...”

Hyukjae’s attention perks up, “Essentially.”

Sungmin flashes him a dangerous smirk that made Hyukjae forget all about cleaning. “They say you can tell if a man loves you based on their reaction,” he pushes Hyukjae off his lap, poking around for what Hyukjae sees is a mannequin’s head.

“Wait… you want me to cheat on him?”

“Essentially,” Sungmin says, toothy grin exposed.

- - -

"Comment ça… uhm, va? Bien, yeah?” Donghae says confidently and Kyuhyun is nearly dying from laughter behind him. Their manager continues to encourage Donghae to just speak English for Christ’s sake, but somehow Kyuhyun convinces him he’s doing a better job at speaking French than himself.

The stylists finish tugging at Donghae’s unruly brunet locks while Kyuhyun gets draped with clothes, or lack thereof, and eventually their photographer rushes the duo somewhere in the city that Donghae faintly remembers.

“Kyu, what the hell are they saying?” Donghae whispers, waving to the girls being held back by security. They’re walking far enough from the camera to act normal but not far enough to be out of view. “They’re saying things like how good-looking I am in person and that I’m practically oozing sexy sex,” Kyuhyun smirks. Donghae doesn’t buy it one bit.

“Has Hyukkie-Hyung call you yet?” he asks, changing the subject.

“No, he didn’t,” Donghae’s smile wanes into a frown that the photographer captured so well to prove he screwed the sexy-vibe up later.

“Oh?” Kyuhyun laughs, “I see.”

Donghae faces him, “What did you hear?”

The brunet shrugs. “You know… this and that,” he says, things he’d know if Hyukjae actually cared to call. Donghae glares at him, ignoring all the stares, “tell me.”

“Chill, hyung… Minnie just called me to see how I was doing while we got ready – and I just happened to overhear Hyukkie talking about some guy he met, okay? Hyung, his—”

Donghae didn’t stay to hear the rest. He ran back to the trailers and ignored the French directed at him because he just didn’t understand it one bit. Plus he never reviewed basic French sentences in week as instructed which means he only knows half of one phrase he heard Kyuhyun say on the way here.

- - -

His phone is ringing a song Donghae wrote for him, and Hyukjae automatically reaches for it. He’s confused when he doesn’t feel it there, but before he knew it Sungmin already stole it from Hyukjae’s back pocket and canceled the call faster than the blonde could retrieve it.

Hyukjae stares at his phone in horror, “Min, what have you done?!”

Sungmin only smiles as he tucks it back into Hyukjae’s jeans. “We’re busy – no interruptions.” He continues looking at his reflection in the store, fixing his borrowed black wig. “Besides, picking out the cologne is serious business. Cologne makes a man, Hyukkie.”

Hyukjae groans, his feet is already starting to ache. “How could we have everything on your list at our dorms, including cologne – or rather 32 of them – but you’d rather come here and get a new one?”

“I know Hae is dumb, but it’s impossible for him to be dumb enough not to realize the difference. He might think it is normal so we need a scent that’s completely poles apart for this to work.”

Hyukjae sniffs the black bottle lying in front of him, “like this?” he scrunches his nose, yuck. Sungmin finishes spraying the jacket with it, or soaking it, before taking another whiff of it.

Hyukjae thinks it’s a shit-excuse for Sungmin just to buy the nasty cologne just because it oozes sexy-sex like Kyuhyun does.

- - -

“Hyung, what are you doing? They’re starting to get pissed,” Kyuhyun says. Donghae doesn’t answer him so Kyuhyun felt obligated to barge into his trailer… only to find the brunet huddled up in the corner with his phone.

Donghae calls Hyukjae for the twentieth time, and he swears, if he’s sent to voicemail again he’ll—

“Hello?” the other line spoke.

The brunet nearly passes out. “Hyukkie, baby?”

Hyukjae sighs. “Yes?”

“I heard you made a new friend…” Donghae murmurs, completely positive that it’s a mistake and Kyuhyun is still the fibbing bastard he is. He hears a couple of more sighs before Hyukjae answers, “yes, I did, but I don’t see why you should care,” and it was almost enough for Donghae to make about a million reasons why it is to shout through the phone.

“Do I know him?” is what Donghae sticks with instead to be safe. Just for that, Kyuhyun throws the nearest thing – a massive brush— but misses, managing to knock the phone out of his hand.

It doesn’t take long for Donghae to realize his call ended and whenever he redials Hyukjae’s number it claims his phone is off. That gives Donghae a good enough reason to strangle Kyuhyun with the cord of a blow-dryer.

- - -

Three days of being frosty and just plain out rude actually racks up a hint of guilt in Hyukjae. Sungmin says he’s starting to understand what he meant by the different of loving someone and being in love, but they’re way too ahead of their plan and Sungmin’s enjoying every bit of it to stop.

And the older made it clear if Hyukjae spoiled their (more like Sungmin’s) plan then he’d be sure everyone would find him dead in some closet right before his birthday.

Sighing to himself, Hyukjae changed into better clothes in the comfort of his bedroom prior to slipping underneath the sheets. He has the bottom dorm to himself (thanks to Min) and all that’s left is to wait for Donghae while ignoring his constant phone calls.

If Sungmin and Heechul were the kings of bitchiness, Hyukjae may as well call himself the queen.

- - -

It doesn’t take much to convince Kyuhyun to sleep upstairs while he plans to convince the other members downstairs to do the same. Their flight arrives earlier than Donghae expected and it gives him more time for his surprise by the time he gets home and opens the door. However, he didn’t anticipate half the shit he sees when he comes in.

The first thing Donghae notices are the shoes lying on the ground like they were thrown off. And he knows Hyukjae is a tidy person who cleans up after himself… so that’s really odd. The pair of shoes lying next to Hyukjae’s favourite pair isn’t even his style or any of the other members.

 He pulls up his luggage to the side of the door before closing, a little taken aback from a strong scent of musk and sweat that punched his face when he passes by the coat-rack.

“The hell?” Donghae barely recognizes the jacket that’s hung, and it takes him less than five seconds to find clothes that aren’t his rumpled on the floor with his lover’s pants. “Hyukjae?” he calls out, raising his voice. His footsteps fall heavily against the ground, passing by boxers and t-shirts through the living room.

Donghae hasn’t a clue where the other members are in the first place. His stomach is churning like crazy. But he knows it isn’t the airplane food because when he kicks Hyukjae’s door open, he isn’t alone.

Donghae’s face contorts painfully into something scary and his body lunges at the edge of the bed. He’s going to fucking murder him, whoever the hell dared to fuck his boyfriend.

He hears Hyukjae gasp, but Donghae doesn’t care. His hands are slammed against the bed, pulling the sheets over the blonde’s body by brute force.
 He’s set kill the guy when the two are exposed, but when he gets another look of the side he regularly sleep on… all he sees is a mannequin. “What the fuck—” Donghae rolls off the bed in disbelief.

 Hyukjae cries from mirth. “You caught my foot with the blanket!” he laughs through his pain, clutching at his ankle.

Donghae gets up but only ends up collapsing on top of the blonde. I felt so sick,” he mumbles, voice muffled over Hyukjae’s shirt. “Isn’t it a little late for April Fools?”

Hyukjae pouted. It wasn’t exactly an April Fools prank, but if he wanted to call it that then he wouldn’t stop him. “I was texting Kyu the whole time to make sure when you come home – sorry for already knowing your surprise.”

Donghae sighs, “at this point, I can’t even be upset.” He wraps his arms around him. “I missed you so much Hyukkie… were you being shady on purpose?”

Hyukjae mumbles a small ‘maybe’ against his lips before drawing back into the pillow. “At least I know you care enough to be sentenced for murder.”
Donghae’s eyebrows rose, still not over his relief. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

Hyukjae gives him a hard look long enough for realization to hit Donghae in the face. “You think I’m taking you for granted!” he gapes. “I would never.”
Hyukjae snorts. “Really?”

Oh, blame everything on me, why don’t you?” Donghae murmurs. Fucking underwear on the ground with clothes that didn’t belong to anyone he knew was a tip-off to unfaithful behavior, in his defense. “Anyways, the fucking point is I kept my promise – no, I even came early to surprise you and I come home to this?”

“Yeah… so? Is there anything else you want to say to me?” Hyukjae tries reminding him. Donghae stares at him dumbly, fingers picking at Hyukjae’s hair. “I’m sorry?” he tries, doubting it right after. Hyukjae tries so hard to kick Donghae off his body but he’s holding on tighter and making it harder for Hyukjae to remember why he’s so mad.

“Let go!” he squirms in his embrace. Donghae shakes his head, “not until you tell me what’s wrong. You’ve been acting weird for a mon—”

“You don’t love me!” Hyukjae cries. The other freezes momentarily, giving Hyukjae to opportunity to kick him off the bed, landing on his butt.

“What?” he asks stupid, trying to process it in his mind. “You heard me,” he mumbles. “You don’t love me, nor are you in love with me.”

Donghae rubs his temples, “wait, that’s why you’re mad?”

Hyukjae spat a yes, and Donghae starts rubbing harder. “Hear me out for a second here, alright?” He pulls the other easily onto his lap, despite the protest, and forces him to just listen.

“I am not in love with you,” he says, and Hyukjae’s elbow misses his stomach. “I used to be in love with you, but that was back when I didn’t know everything about you. Like how hard you try to hide your flaws… but I call it perfection, just saying—” Donghae stops short of because Hyukjae didn’t miss his stomach this time and oh God, it hurt.

“Finish it already!” he hisses.

Donghae leans his forehead against Hyukjae’s back, “My point is I don’t have the constant need of touching because I’m fine with just knowing that you belong to me and I belong to you, okay? I just really love you, Lee Hyukjae.”

Hyukjae’s face flushes. “You’re so cheesy sometimes, you know?” Donghae chuckles, “so baby, do you love me or are you in love with me?”

“Well, I know I’m pissed with you and Sungmin,” Hyukjae snorts, feeling Donghae pout. “I still love you, for that matter... it’s hard not to.” His face turns a shade of red darker. He isn’t the best at expressing himself but if Donghae could tell from just looking at him then he’s fine with that.

“Wait! Why do you get revenge?” Hyukjae turns around to glare. “You knew I was upset this whole time and you did nothing to fix it!”

Donghae raises two arms in defense, “fine, we’ll call it make-up sex?”

Hyukjae pinches him, making the brunet wince. “Okay, Birthday sex?”

“Hae,” the blonde hissed. “You’re lucky I can’t find anyone better than you.”

Donghae smiled, pulling him closer to his body.

“So, stop looking.”

There’s a crack in Hyukjae’s frown and Donghae thinks he’s finally won this time.

- - -

Donghae finds out he’s not good at multitasking three hours later since he has in paying attention to the clock while keeping an eye on Hyukjae. However, the blonde doesn’t mind too much since he sees right through him.  He isn’t even the least bit surprised when a butt-naked Donghae scuttles back from the kitchen, holding a cake. Although, the first thing that catches his eye is the sight of the other’s dick stupidly covered inside a ridiculously big box topped with a silver bow.

“What happened to no presents?” Hyukjae murmurs as he takes the strawberry ice-cream cake from Donghae in fear the massive sparkler burning in the center would smoulder the house down. “And why are you in your birthday suit?” he questions. “Isn’t it supposed to be my birthday Hae?”

“Baby, why aren’t you in your birthday suit then?”

“Touché, but I think this is your worst present yet,” Hyukjae snickers; knowing full well Donghae took the offense for his penis. “Don’t you know I hate seafood?”

“Babe, this is your biggest present yet, and don’t you tell me you didn’t enjoy sucking this shark before I left,” he mocks, pointing at his goods. “Besides, this is only part one of your gift. We’ll get to part two after my revenge.”

Hyukjae juts his bottom lip out, “So we’re not eating the cake?”

Donghae leers, wrapping his arms around his lover and guiding him towards the bed. “We are eating the cake, Hyukkie… Just not in the way you’d like to,” he whispers in his ear, positioning himself on top of the blonde. Hyukjae’s completely red with embarrassment, but maybe Donghae is smart because his box acts like a shield against the other’s kicks.

Donghae grins, bringing the other closer. “This is just my way of celebrating your twenty-seven sexy years on earth, Hyukkie. No big deal.”

Hyukjae looks away from the brunet, face flushed. “You’re original,” he scoffs.

Donghae tilts his head to the right so they’re facing each other again. He pecks him on the lips swiftly, “Happy Birthday, Hyukjae.”

And even if the blonde is screaming and writhing in pleasure underneath him, Donghae didn’t need to hear any more of those three little words to be able to tell he’s forgiven. He’s perfectly fine with making up all the lonely nights Hyukjae went through while he was gone.


LOL Hyukkie's birthday was technically yesterday but the fourth is today for me so I ain't even mad >:3. I wrote this within a span of 4ish hours and edited this pretty quick just for today, so there's my excuse for any mistakes and odd writing XD like seriously, idek wut to say about this... and if you enjoyed it then thanks for reading!! (if you didn't then that's okay as well) :D ignoring that...HAPPY BIRTHDAY EUNHYUK-OPPA!! :D <3


Tags: couple: donghae/eunhyuk, couple: kyuhyun/sungmin, fandom: super junior, fanwork: fanfiction, fic: false accusations, genre: fluff, genre: humor, genre: romance, length: one-shot, rating: r
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